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Returns Policy

If in the event of needing a refund, credit or exchange from an item purchased from this site please refer to the following and contact the store either by phoning (02) 9571 6662 or emailing us at

You must first receive a return approval from us before sending the item back and/or obtaining a refund. A return approval can be obtained by contacting the store by phone or email (see above).

We take all purchase complications seriously and your satisfaction is our top priority in these and all cases of interacting and selling to customers.

For returns on items bought at our physical store in Sydney, please call (02) 9571 6662.

Items for refund

Items that are eligible for refund must fit the following circumstances:

  • Item is faulty (eg. A CD does not play)
  • Item is damaged.
  • Item is not what was ordered.

In these cases you have 30 days to lodge a return with us after the invoice date.

You can then return the item via Australia Post or by bringing it into our store. Our postal address is:

Utopia Records
Lower Ground Floor
511 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

When returning the item by mail, be sure to do the following:

  • Include the receipt for the item (if bought in the store).

  • Include a note in the return package describing the problem with the item and the postage costs to you for sending the item back to us - this is so that we can reimburse you for postage after approval of your return. Please also include your full name and address.

  • Include the whole item. For example: A CD, DVD or Vinyl Record must include the package, the CD/DVD/Record and any booklets/inner sleeves, etc that make up the complete package that was ordered.

If you are unclear about any of the refund terms and conditions, please contact the store on (02) 9571 6662 or at